Body Plate Group Option Codes - 1964 through 1967

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If you have any codes to donate to this cause (or find any here that are incorrect), please contact me specifying the model year, group number and letter designation. It's reported that some plants used different option code letters for the same option. Only Kansas City and Van Nuys used these codes on the body plate, Baltimore and Fremont did not.


Sample 1966 and 1967 El Camino Fisher Body Number Plates, a.k.a. trim tag, cowl tag, firewall data, etc.

Group option codes (when applicable) appear on the bottom line of Kansas City Fisher Body Number Plates. A limited number of options are noted in these groups. These options are those that would cause the Fisher Body side of the assembly plant to make provisions for over a base body shell. There are 5 groups for these options. Option letters within a group are in a specific order of appearance and are not listed in alphabetical order.

Group 1 is not preceded by a number but is simply the first list of letters before the number "2" or "3" for group 2 or group 3. The two examples above show the letter "W" in the first group to denote these El Caminos have the optional tinted windshield (RPO A02).

Group 2 options are preceded by the number 2 with letters to denote any options in that group. Since a manual 3-speed transmission was standard any optional transmission was coded here since some kind of change had to be done by Fisher Body to accommodate it. The 1966 tag has the letter "M" for a Powerglide automatic while the 1967 tag has the letter "Z" for the TH400 automatic. Both also have air conditioning with "K" on the 1966 tag and "E" on the 1967 tag. The 1966 tag has a bench seat code (730-A) so its Powerglide is column shifted where the 1967 tag has a bucket seat code (784-B) plus a center console (the letter "G") so its TH400 is floor shifted.

Neither of these two tags have groups 3, 4, or 5 so nothing is shown for those groups.

Group option codes were discontinued for the 1968 model year.