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The El Camino (or sedan pickup as GM called it) is just another body style of the full-size 1959 & 1960 Chevrolet and the mid-size 1964 through 1987 Chevelle/Malibu that this website presents. In other words a 1964-1977 El Camino is still a Chevelle, a 1978-1987 El Camino is still a Malibu and the 1959 & 1960 El Camino is still a Chevrolet, just different body styles - the same as the station wagon, sedan, or convertible is a different body style.


The GMC Sprint/Caballero is included where applicable as it is the GMC sister to Chevrolet's El Camino.


CAMINOWORLD  - All Rights Reserved

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Midwest Chevelle Regional Chevelle Show Information
Covers Kansas City, MO./KS. areas, Wichita, KS. area, Omaha, NE. area, and Springfield, MO. area

Only El Camino (and GMC Sprint where applicable) data are shown on this website.

Many part numbers and casting numbers of parts were used on several lines within the Chevrolet family so information found on this website may, MAY, pertain to other Chevrolet models such as Camaro, Nova, or Corvette but no claims of such are made for information on these other Chevrolet products. Data supplied are for U.S.-built El Caminos/GMC Sprints unless otherwise noted.

Fisher Body Number Plates (a.k.a. cowl tag/firewall tag/trim tag) are listed as trim tags for consistency since that is the term most commonly used.

If you find any information that is incorrect or incomplete, with documented proof of existence (such as an engine or option code for a particular year), I'll be more than happy to update the site. Please contact me here.

I am always on the lookout for clear photos of Fisher Body Number Plates, scans or photos of Protect-O-Plates, build sheets, etc. for decoding and reference purposes only. If you have any of these and would like to share them with the El Camino/GMC Sprint community, please contact me here me first without the attachments so I'll know what's coming.

All El Camino/GMC Sprint owners are welcomed to register their El Camino/GMC Sprint in my El Camino Registry.